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Credit Card Information

Since it is necessary to enter personal information to complete your transaction on this site, including such sensitive information as your credit card data, it is important to understand how USPTGear processes this data.

  • Is the ordering process secure on this site? Yes. USPTGear utilizes the technology known as SSL (secure sockets layer) to encrypt and decode all information, including your credit card information, that passes from your computer to our secure server during the ordering process. You can confirm that this is working during check-out by observing the small lock icon on your web browser. We utilize the digital encryption certificates supplied by

  • Does the credit card information ever leave your site? Yes. The credit card information is passed to PayPal for on-line verification and processing. PayPal is one of the largest on-line credit card verification systems. PayPal's system works with USPTGear's system to encode and decode all credit card information in a secure operation that utilizes various passwords and other authentication processes to ensure that the passing of information remains secure. Please note your credit card information is verified through PayPal but we do not accept payments from PayPal.

  • Can hackers or other third parties access the credit card information on your system? USPTGear maintains a secure server on a Windows Server®-based network that has numerous levels of protection. Like any company that maintains a hosting presence on the Internet, we experience periodic attempts by outside parties to disrupt our system. Our security has maintained the integrity of its information through all such past attempts and we continue, on a regular basis, to study the newest security measures to maintain the strong integrity of our systems. We believe strongly in the integrity and security of our systems.

  • Do you have a privacy policy with respect to your site and does it affect credit card information? USPTGear has a privacy policy for this site. Absolutely no use whatsoever is made of credit card information aside from purchases on this site and there is no disclosure to third parties except as required for the on-line processing by PayPal or as otherwise required under law as set forth in our Privacy Policy.

  • How will charges appear on my credit card? Your card will be charged by USPTGear after your order has been successfully processed. If merchandise has not been shipped within 30 days, customers have the option to cancel their order and receive a full refund.