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Privacy Policy

USPTGear, Inc. is highly sensitive to the privacy interests of our clients and customers and understands that protection of these interests is of the utmost importance. As such, USPTGear has adopted this Privacy Policy to govern our handling of the information that we acquire on consumers who utilize our sites. Please note that additional information on the security measures we have employed to protect this information can be found in our Credit Card Policies, which is part and parcel of this Privacy Policy.

USPTGear only acquires information that is specifically provided by the end user through our interactive forms, with the addition of credit card approval information that is supplied to us through our association with PayPal, who handles the on-line credit card authorization processing for this site. The information we retain from the credit card authorization procedure consists of either an error return code instructing us why a credit card authorization was declined, or the approval code for a processed order. For certain transactions, USPTGear retains additional information offered by PayPal, which consists of various scores that help determine whether a credit card transaction may or may not be fraudulent.

Our sites utilize 'cookies' on a temporary basis, which enables USPTGear's computer servers to recognize a userís computer's ongoing requests to our system. These cookies are not stored by us after a session with our system ends, even though these cookies may be retained on a userís computer. For our system, cookies are necessary so that we can, for example, keep shopping cart information on a particular user as he or she navigates from page to page on our site adding or deleting items. At present, cookies are not employed to track public navigation of our site.

USPTGear gives access to the personal information supplied on this site associated with an order only to those persons who require the use of this information to process an order as well as the owner of the Website. Aside from PayPal, whose privacy policy can be found at, we do not share any individually-identifiable information with any other third parties. However, we will provide this information (i) if we are compelled to do so by order of a duly-empowered governmental authority; (ii) we have the express permission of the consumer; or (iii) if it is necessary to properly process transactions and provide our services.

USPTGear does not sell the contact information that we receive from customers to any third parties. We utilize this information in the precise manner that we utilize the same information that is provided to us by retail purchasers of our goods through non-internet contact, i.e. when a purchase order is issued to us.

If you have any additional questions on the nature, manner or purpose of the data that we collect that has not been answered above, please visit our Contact Us Page and we will respond to you. Thank you for shopping with USPTGear!